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Commercial Premises Liability

Fighting for Your Rights in Homeowner and Commercial Premises Liability Cases

Premises liability is the legal term for when you are injured on the property of another — or by that person’s property — due to that person’s (or company’s) negligence. This covers such things as faulty stairs in an apartment complex, slippery floors in a grocery store or even a dog bite. If you are injured on the property of another person or company due the property owner’s and/or tenants’ negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. The vast majority of these cases are covered by either commercial or homeowner’s insurance policies. These claims are often referred to as “slip-and-fall” claims.

The Parks Law Firm, P.C. knows that accidental injuries as a result of a poorly maintained property or other negligence related to the condition of a property (or even a dog) can negatively disrupt your life and be costly. The firm has over 75 years of combined experience defending slip-and-fall cases, as well as other personal injuries, with an excellent reputation facilitates favorable settlement conditions.

Dangerous Conditions Lead to Premises Liability

The responsibility of Texas property owners — both commercial and residential — and businesses that are open to the public are to keep their locations safe. Big box retailers, homeowners and family businesses alike need to assure the safety of visitors that they invite to their premises. If they do not maintain safe conditions and a visitor gets injured, they are liable.

If you break an arm or injure your back at a place of business, it is likely that you have a commercial premises liability claim. If this occurs on private property, you may have a homeowners premises liability claim. The Parks Law Firm, P.C. can be your advocate and go up against the property owner, tenant, and/or their insurance company to get the amount of compensation for your injury.

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Mr. Parks and the dedicated staff work to obtain the optimum compensation possible for your circumstances. Mr. Parks works on a contingency fee basis, which means he only gets paid if you collect on your personal injury claim — and he doesn’t charge you to assist with the property damage portion of your claim. Mr. Parks helps people throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the entire state of Texas.

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