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Does Infrastructure Influence Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident Rates?

On behalf of Parks Law Firm, P.C. on Thursday, December 26, 2019.

Car crashes happen for a multitude of reasons, but they are nearly always an upsetting event for those who experience them. For the families who lose a loved one to a motor vehicle accident, the reasons may seem insignificant compared to the sadness they feel. However, researchers who work to prevent these collisions find the data about causes of car accidents to be of the utmost importance.

The state of Texas has high fatal crash rates, which might be understandable due to the population. However, some areas of the state have higher crash rates than some may expect. Dallas, for instance, has the fifth-highest number of fatal traffic accidents when looking at the rates for the largest 25 U.S. cities. Experts say that this is partly due to the city’s long-overdue needed infrastructure enhancements.

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