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Dallas Car Accident and Personal Injury Blog

Typical injuries caused by motorcycle accidents

Dallas motorcyclists who ride in bad weather will likely be cautious when they take to the roads. Bikers do not have any of the various types of protection that drivers of automobiles have, and in motorcycle accidents that involve other vehicles, motorcycle riders are typically worse off. In most cases, there is nothing more than a helmet and a leather riding suit between a biker and the road surface.

With motorcycles having only two wheels and unable to stand without support, riders often suffer leg fractures in accidents because they invariably land with one leg underneath the bike as it falls over. Other common fractures suffered in Texas motorcycle accidents include wrist, arm, shoulder and pelvis damage. Many of the fatalities and disabilities resulting from bike crashes involve traumatic brain injuries. Although helmets can prevent penetration injuries to the head, they do little to prevent whiplash. 

Tips for riding a scooter safely around Dallas

Ride-sharing scooters have become all the rage in recent months. Dallas recently approved an ordinance that allows companies like Bird to have scooters around the city for people to rent and ride. 

People on scooters need to be careful with where and how they ride. However, it is also the responsibility of drivers to be aware of people on scooters to avoid collisions

18-wheeler accidents can be catastrophic

There is no doubt that automobile vs. big rig crashes typically leave motorists with catastrophic injuries -- or worse. This results from the fact that 18-wheeler accidents put vehicles weighing over 80,000 pounds against cars with average weights of around 4,000 pounds. While many such accidents involve negligent truckers, motorists driving passenger cars can take precautions when they share the Texas roadways with commercial vehicles.

The wind gusts caused when passing a semi, or when a large truck passes a car, can cause the loss of control if the motorist does not have a firm grip on the steering wheel. It is also smart to leave additional space when stopping behind a big rig because they are known to roll back as the driver prepares to drive on. Also, stay out of the truck driver's blind spots. Motorists can also avoid risks by allowing passing trucks and those changing lanes enough space to complete their maneuvers, and never to cut into the lane directly in front of an 18-wheeler.

18-wheeler accidents may signal death to drivers and others

It is somewhat unusual for 18-wheelers to collide head-on in a fatal crash on a Texas interstate highway. However, 18-wheeler accidents can occur in any variety of scenarios so that it is not a totally unexpected occurrence. In the early evening of Thursday, Nov. 9, a horrific tragedy of that kind occurred when an 18-wheeler going southbound on I-35 crossed the median and struck another 18-wheeler that was traveling northbound near Exit 126. They collided head-on, leaving both drivers dead at the scene.

Another truck was drawn into the accident but its driver was unharmed, according to authorities. The Police Chief of the Natalia Police Department stated that it was the worst crash that he had seen in his 30 years of service. The decedents have not yet been identified but police described them as two men, one from Austin and one from Laredo. The reasons why the first driver crossed the median are unknown but police stated that the investigation continues.

Types of accidents that occur while you’re on the highway

Many of us take the highway to get to most destinations, as it often makes the drive shorter. However, many accidents occur while on the highway and they are often much deadlier than accidents that take place on other roads, as vehicles are traveling at high speeds. What types of accidents are common on the highway and how do they happen?


Pedestrian safety: 3 things you need to know

Walking to work or school should not be dangerous, but in this day and age it can sometimes be hazardous to be a pedestrian. In June, a Dallas man was hit twice while walking along the side of the Dallas North Tollway. The circumstances surrounding the accident are not fully known, however — only one of the two drivers who hit him stopped to render aid.

What can you do to help protect yourself while walking, biking or jogging? Let's take a look at three things you can do to help protect yourself — and your children — while walking near traffic.

Key Differences Between Truck Accidents and Car Accidents

An accident is an accident, no matter which way you slice it - or is it? Unfortunately, there are key differences between a semi truck accident and a regular auto accident. Here are some of the key factors to take into account before you get into your next auto accident.

3 Ways To Avoid Distracted Driving

While drunk driving is a crime that often gets a lot of attention, distracted driving is just as dangerous and is likely becoming even more common. There are laws being put into place to penalize distracted drivers for their behaviors, but in many cases, tragedies have to occur before these legislative measures are ever passed. We don't always have control over what others do on the road, but by being aware and by avoiding distracted driving behaviors ourselves, we are more likely to avoid devastating car crashes. Below are just a few ways you can make a habit of cutting out these behaviors and promoting the safety of others while behind the wheel.

Dog Bite Claim FAQs: What To Do When Their Bark ISN'T Worse Than Their Bite

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 4.5 million dog bites occur every year in the United States. While not every dog bite will warrant a personal injury claim, it's important that you educate yourself on some points about these cases. You'll also want to contact reliable personal injury lawyers in your area to find out whether the specific circumstances of your animal bite incident will be enough to file a case. We'll take a look at some FAQs on cases involving dog bites below.

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    Mr. Hulett was a very competent and effective lawyer for me in my custody case. Not only did we get the desired result but he did it for less than half of what my ex paid to her attorney on the same matter.

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  • Great Lawyer For A Reasonable Price

    Mr. Hulett was a very competent and effective lawyer for me in my custody case. Not only did we get the desired result but he did it for less than half of what my ex paid to her attorney on the same matter.

    – Anonymous

  • Great Lawyer For A Reasonable Price

    Mr. Hulett was a very competent and effective lawyer for me in my custody case. Not only did we get the desired result but he did it for less than half of what my ex paid to her attorney on the same matter.

    – Anonymous

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