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Texas 18-wheeler accidents often leave unanswered questions

When a collision occurs on a Texas highway or roadway in another state, it is not always immediately apparent what or who may have caused it. In fact, in many cases, such as 18-wheeler accidents, there are often more questions than answers until investigators are dispatched to an accident scene to do their job. Sometimes, it takes them weeks, even months, to determine the exact cause of a particular incident.

In a recent multiple-vehicle tragedy, a family was traveling through Texas on their way to a vacation on a cruise line. Preliminary investigations show that a van carrying numerous occupants was moving in the left lane while a tractor-trailer was traveling in the right lane directly adjacent to it. At some point, and for reasons still unknown, the vehicles collided.

18-wheeler accidents reveal unlikely heros

People driving through the great state of Texas are surely familiar with the possibility that tractor-trailer trucks may be in close proximity to smaller passenger vehicles in traffic. These large trucks are used to move goods all over the United States, and are usually not a problem for other drivers. Unfortunately, 18-wheeler accidents sometimes occur, and when they do, the results can cause severe injuries to victims, and lots of damage to property. 

Recently, a woman was driving along a Texas road when suddenly, an 18-wheeler changed lanes in an inappropriate maneuver. This mistake caused the car in the next lane to flip over a concrete barrier, and the out-of-control truck soon followed. The truck began to leak fuel, and a hazmat team was quick to respond. 

Aggressive driving could cause 18-wheeler accidents

According to estimates by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a significant number of lives are lost nationwide, including Texas, as the result of aggressive driving by commercial vehicle operators. The sheer size and weight difference between cars and big rigs limits the chances of car occupants escaping severe injuries or worse during an accident. It is not uncommon for 18-wheeler accidents to be fatal.

The NHTSA's definition of aggressive driving is the operation of a vehicle in a manner that endangers or threatens to endanger other people or damage property. Typical driving actions of aggressive CMV drivers include speeding and driving too fast for weather and traffic conditions. These drivers tend to make themselves guilty of improper passing and failing to signal, using the emergency lane or the shoulder to pass, and excessive and impulsive lane changing without signaling intent.

Most dangerous intersections in Dallas

Dallas is a major metropolitan area. As such, it is prone to frequent, and often dangerous, car accidents. One crash involving multiple vehicles took place a few weeks ago. The crash was the result of a drunk driver.

For drivers around Dallas, it is paramount to be vigilant at all times to avoid traffic collisions. However, motorists need to be particularly vigilant around specific intersections in the city. For a variety of reasons, the following intersections are the most dangerous in the city, as stated in a 2017 report

Common road hazards that cause motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists in Texas and across the country need more skills and coordination than drivers of automobiles. This is particularly true given the road hazards with which bikers often have to cope. Roads that pose little or no threat to drivers of four-wheeled vehicles could cause motorcycle accidents with devastating consequences.

Both slick and rough, bumpy surfaces are dangerous terrain for bikers. Roadways in disrepair, such as potholes, or where construction work is underway present concerns for bikers. Even road surfaces in otherwise prime condition pose deadly hazards when wetness, leaves, oil or antifreeze cause them to be slippery. Painted surfaces, trolley tracks and crosswalk lines can also present issues for motorcyclists.

Car accidents: Fatal crash in Texas kills teens

A tragic crash in Georgetown claimed one young life and sent four other people to local hospitals, according to Texas law enforcement authorities. The crash occurred in Central Texas on State Highway 130. As with many car accidents of this type, this one is still under investigation. So far, no charges have been brought against the driver involved. 

According to the accident report, a vehicle driven by a 17-year-old and occupied by four other teenagers aged 16 to 18 was traveling south on 130, just south of State Highway 29, when the accident occurred. It appears the young driver attempted to pass a slower vehicle at a high rate of speed. When the other vehicle attempted to compensate, the teen driver lost control of the car. The vehicle left the highway before flipping several times and coming to rest on its roof in a creek bed. 

Car accidents: 1 woman dead in Texas

A woman who was involved in a three-car crash in Houston has died, according to local sources. Police in the Texas city confirmed the accident that claimed the life of the unknown woman, who has not been publicly identified pending notification of next of kin. Police have not determined the cause of the crash, but experience with similar car accidents led to the dispatch of a DWI task force to determine whether any of the drivers involved were intoxicated. 

According to the report, the victim was a passenger in an eastbound vehicle on Sam Houston Parkway around 9:30 p.m. on May 27. A northbound vehicle struck the other car in an intersection, with a third car striking the first as well. The occupants in the first two cars were taken to local hospitals for treatment. Their conditions are not known, but police confirmed neither driver appeared to be in life-threatening condition. 

New study calls summer months the "100 Deadliest Days" for car accidents involving teenagers

A new study by AAA found that teen drivers are at the highest risk of being involved in a crash between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has dubbed this time frame the "100 Deadliest Days," stating that in the last five years 3,500 people died in car accidents involving teen drivers in summer months.

Car accidents: Crash in Texas kills 1, injures others

A serious wreck in Gray County left one teenager dead and another in critical condition, as well as other injuries and fatalities, according to local sources. Texas authorities confirmed the crash that occurred in the early morning of May 6 near McLean. As with many car accidents of this type, this tragic crash is still under investigation and no charges have been filed. 

According to the report, the driver of a semitrailer was headed eastbound on Interstate 40 when he says he encountered a vehicle with a single headlight coming from the opposite direction in the same lane. The driver said he drove his vehicle onto the shoulder to avoid the vehicle. The oncoming car was reportedly driven by an 18-year-old male. 

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    Mr. Hulett was a very competent and effective lawyer for me in my custody case. Not only did we get the desired result but he did it for less than half of what my ex paid to her attorney on the same matter.

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  • Great Lawyer For A Reasonable Price

    Mr. Hulett was a very competent and effective lawyer for me in my custody case. Not only did we get the desired result but he did it for less than half of what my ex paid to her attorney on the same matter.

    – Anonymous

  • Great Lawyer For A Reasonable Price

    Mr. Hulett was a very competent and effective lawyer for me in my custody case. Not only did we get the desired result but he did it for less than half of what my ex paid to her attorney on the same matter.

    – Anonymous

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