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Dallas Car Accident and Personal Injury Blog

Motor vehicle accidents: 9 people injured in car pileup

The changing of the seasons can result in dangerous conditions on Texas roadways. Bridges and overpasses are especially vulnerable during freezing temperatures, sleet and snow. Dangerous road conditions combined with negligent driving can be a fatal combination for all road travelers and may result in motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, nine people suffered injuries following a multi-vehicle pileup that may have occurred due to icy road conditions.

The investigation is pending and all the events that led to the accidents have not been reported. Reportedly, 10 vehicles were involved in the crash, injuring nine individuals. All injured victims were taken for medical care, and two victims are reported to be in critical condition.

Motor vehicle accidents: Child killed on bus when struck by train

Texas parents, bus drivers and school officials recently learned of a horrific tragedy that occurred with two of its students. Two students were aboard a school district bus when it was struck by a train. All motor vehicle accidents can result in significant property damage, injuries and/or death, but it is certainly difficult to comprehend tragedy when it involves children.

According to reports, two students were aboard the bus when the accident occurred. Videos accompanying the article provided additional information about the victims and accident. One victim was a 13-year-old boy, and the other was female. The 78-year-old bus driver survived the crash, but he suffered injuries.

Why you should never leave the scene of a car accident

Like most Texans, you drive both assertively and cautiously. With luck, you may never find yourself in the middle of a car accident. Given the law of probabilities, though, you may not be able to avoid a collision forever. Fortunately, with most accidents, the incident is a minor inconvenience. If you leave the scene of the wreck, though, you could be in for some significant legal consequences. 

Texas law requires motorists to stop their vehicles after an accident if it caused either injury or property damage. If the accident was not your fault, stopping and alerting authorities is not much of a problem. If you have been drinking, driving with a suspended license or fleeing the scene of a crime, you may think about continuing down the road after an accident. This idea, though, is not a good one. 

18-wheeler accidents: 1 dead in Texas

A man from a neighboring state has been tragically killed in a serious accident, according to state troopers in Midland. Texas authorities say the 22-year-old man was killed in a crash involving a transport truck. 18-wheeler accidents are not uncommon in west Texas, where transport vehicles operate on highways and local roads. Police are still attempting to determine the cause of the crash, which also injured another individual.

Only limited information is available as of this report. However, it has been confirmed that the 22-year-old man was traveling westbound on Interstate 20 near Midland when he turned his pickup truck into the path of an 18-wheeler traveling the same direction. The force of the impact critically injured the man, who was pronounced dead at the scene by arriving medical personnel.

Motor vehicle accidents: woman charged with manslaughter

Police in Arlington say they have arrested a Forth Worth woman on charges of intoxication manslaughter, following a fatal New Year's morning crash. Texas authorities say New Year's is a prime time for motor vehicle accidents, considering the tendency for people to over-imbibe alcohol around the holidays. This appears to be the case in this crash, as one driver is believed to have been drunk at the time. 

Preliminary reports suggest that two vehicles were occupying the exit ramp off of US 287 northbound when a vehicle driven by the 35-year-old Forth Worth woman failed to maintain its lane. Her car struck another passenger vehicle driven by a 46-year-old Arlington man, forcing his car into a concrete pillar. The man was pronounced dead at the scene by arriving medical authorities. 

Multitasking teenagers could cause devastating car accidents

Teenagers in Texas and other states can watch a show online, listen to music through their headphones, do homework and text a friend -- all at the same time. While that might seem like effective multi-tasking, the reality is that the brain does not manage all those tasks simultaneously. It switches back and forth between them, and all this cause slower reaction times. This might not seem life-threatening if the teen sits on his or her bed while doing all this and not behind the steering wheel. However, too many young lives are lost in car accidents caused by distracted driving.

Safety authorities say that the risk remains, even with the use of hands-free devices. They say a driver who is focused on a conversation could miss about half what is going on in the driving environment, with the distraction lingering for almost 30 seconds after the end of the call. Technology has exacerbated distraction hazards by offering infotainment systems that allow voice-controlled calls, emails, texts and even posts to social media.

Typical injuries caused by motorcycle accidents

Dallas motorcyclists who ride in bad weather will likely be cautious when they take to the roads. Bikers do not have any of the various types of protection that drivers of automobiles have, and in motorcycle accidents that involve other vehicles, motorcycle riders are typically worse off. In most cases, there is nothing more than a helmet and a leather riding suit between a biker and the road surface.

With motorcycles having only two wheels and unable to stand without support, riders often suffer leg fractures in accidents because they invariably land with one leg underneath the bike as it falls over. Other common fractures suffered in Texas motorcycle accidents include wrist, arm, shoulder and pelvis damage. Many of the fatalities and disabilities resulting from bike crashes involve traumatic brain injuries. Although helmets can prevent penetration injuries to the head, they do little to prevent whiplash. 

Tips for riding a scooter safely around Dallas

Ride-sharing scooters have become all the rage in recent months. Dallas recently approved an ordinance that allows companies like Bird to have scooters around the city for people to rent and ride. 

People on scooters need to be careful with where and how they ride. However, it is also the responsibility of drivers to be aware of people on scooters to avoid collisions

18-wheeler accidents can be catastrophic

There is no doubt that automobile vs. big rig crashes typically leave motorists with catastrophic injuries -- or worse. This results from the fact that 18-wheeler accidents put vehicles weighing over 80,000 pounds against cars with average weights of around 4,000 pounds. While many such accidents involve negligent truckers, motorists driving passenger cars can take precautions when they share the Texas roadways with commercial vehicles.

The wind gusts caused when passing a semi, or when a large truck passes a car, can cause the loss of control if the motorist does not have a firm grip on the steering wheel. It is also smart to leave additional space when stopping behind a big rig because they are known to roll back as the driver prepares to drive on. Also, stay out of the truck driver's blind spots. Motorists can also avoid risks by allowing passing trucks and those changing lanes enough space to complete their maneuvers, and never to cut into the lane directly in front of an 18-wheeler.

18-wheeler accidents may signal death to drivers and others

It is somewhat unusual for 18-wheelers to collide head-on in a fatal crash on a Texas interstate highway. However, 18-wheeler accidents can occur in any variety of scenarios so that it is not a totally unexpected occurrence. In the early evening of Thursday, Nov. 9, a horrific tragedy of that kind occurred when an 18-wheeler going southbound on I-35 crossed the median and struck another 18-wheeler that was traveling northbound near Exit 126. They collided head-on, leaving both drivers dead at the scene.

Another truck was drawn into the accident but its driver was unharmed, according to authorities. The Police Chief of the Natalia Police Department stated that it was the worst crash that he had seen in his 30 years of service. The decedents have not yet been identified but police described them as two men, one from Austin and one from Laredo. The reasons why the first driver crossed the median are unknown but police stated that the investigation continues.

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    Mr. Hulett was a very competent and effective lawyer for me in my custody case. Not only did we get the desired result but he did it for less than half of what my ex paid to her attorney on the same matter.

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  • Great Lawyer For A Reasonable Price

    Mr. Hulett was a very competent and effective lawyer for me in my custody case. Not only did we get the desired result but he did it for less than half of what my ex paid to her attorney on the same matter.

    – Anonymous

  • Great Lawyer For A Reasonable Price

    Mr. Hulett was a very competent and effective lawyer for me in my custody case. Not only did we get the desired result but he did it for less than half of what my ex paid to her attorney on the same matter.

    – Anonymous

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