4 Things You Should Do After A Motor Vehicle Accident

When you got in your car, the last thing you expected was to be the victim of a serious accident. Now, in the aftermath, you have to deal not only with your injuries, your recovery and the financial impact, but also insurance adjusters who are demanding a formal statement and the challenge of obtaining sufficient compensation to make you whole again.

At the Parks Law Firm, P.C. Abogados Accidente De Carro, our focus is on personal injury cases throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the entire state of Texas. We are dedicated to helping you recover from your accident and injuries — and with 75 years' combined experience, our skilled motor vehicle accident attorneys know what needs to be done after a car accident to protect your rights.

What To Do After A Car Accident

When clients come to us after suffering injuries in a motor vehicle accident, they often ask what they should do. We are always happy to answer these types of questions — and the answers often vary depending on the specific details of their situation. Still, here are four guidelines you should generally follow to protect your rights after a car or 18-wheeler accident.

  1. Seek police and medical attention Call the police, and, if necessary, an ambulance immediately after the accident. Proper medical care is always the first concern after an accident. Often, what seems to be a minor car accident injury can actually be quite severe. When you get evaluated by a doctor, you will find out the extent of your injuries and what treatments you need to heal your body. If at all possible, document the scene of your accident with your cellphone camera. Take pictures of the vehicles prior to being moved, the damage to all of the vehicles involved, the other person's insurance information and identification, the other person's license plate and even the injuries you sustained. Also try to identify any potential witnesses and get their contact information. When the police arrive, assist them to the best of your ability and obtain the police report number. Even if you feel pain a day or two after an accident, which is common, it is not too late to seek medical treatment.

  2. Contact your insurance company, but limit speaking with the other party's insurance company — Contact your own insurance as soon as you can after an accident. Provide the agent or adjuster with the basic facts of the accident and tell them if you are injured. Remember that you may feel much worse 24 to 48 hours or longer after an accident. Avoid saying you are not injured if you are unsure. It is acceptable to tell your insurance you are not sure if you are injured. Do not go into details concerning your injuries — this is best left to the medical professionals treating you. The other party's insurance representatives may try to contact you soon after they learn of the accident. Be warned that their goal is to minimize their expenditure on your case. Generally, they do this by getting you to talk about the crash and your injuries by taking a recorded statement. This is why it is critically important to not talk about the collision or give a statement, recorded or not, until first speaking with a personal injury lawyer about your accident.

  3. Consult with an attorney — Consult with a legal professional to find out about your rights to medical treatment, compensation and to learn about the process of a personal injury claim. At the Parks Law Firm, P.C. Abogados Accidente De Carro, we offer free consultations in person and by phone to discuss your situation. We will be able to advise you and take the necessary steps to represent your case properly. We can assist with the processing of your property damage claim and even with the finding of medical injuries so your medical treatment does not cost you anything out-of-pocket.

  4. Continue your course of treatment and keep good records — The only way to gain the full benefit of your treatment plan is to stick with it until you are released by your medical provider. This will also help your claim as you will have documentation of the extent of your injury in your medical providers' records. Records of your injury diagnoses are a valuable tool in negotiating the optimal amount of compensation for your situation. Please keep copies of all medical records and any expenses incurred while receiving medical treatment. Also keep a log of all time missed from work and mileage driven by you to treatment.

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