Helping You Recover From An 18-Wheeler Accident

The most devastating motor vehicle accidents are often between automobiles and 18-wheelers. The sheer size of these 18-wheelers can result in serious damages and personal injuries at any speed. Unfortunately, these large vehicles — which can weigh upward of 80,000 pounds when fully loaded — pose a high risk to motorists, especially when their drivers and owners are negligent.

At the Parks Law Firm, P.C. Abogados Accidente De Carro, our experienced Texas motor vehicle accident attorneys will deal with the team of professionals on the side of the commercial trucking company to see that you get what you deserve. We will not be intimidated by their scare tactics and will make sure that the parties who are responsible for your injuries are held accountable, including:

  • The driver of the 18-wheeler
  • The shipper or entity that loaded the truck's cargo
  • The companies that manufactured the vehicle or its parts (tires, engine, etc.)
  • The owner of the truck or tractor-trailer

Resolving Every Aspect Of Your Claim

The Parks Law Firm, P.C. Abogados Accidente De Carro will help you resolve every aspect of your claim: from helping you obtain a rental car to seeing that your car is repaired; to ensuring you proper medical treatment to helping you obtain payment for lost wages and the financial settlement you deserve for your pain and suffering.

The trucking companies and their insurers have an incentive to not pay — or to pay the least amount possible — to settle every claim regardless of the seriousness of the injuries. This is despite the fact that many truckers are on the road in violation of federal and Texas guidelines regarding allowable driving time, safety regulations and adherence to traffic laws.

Put 75 Years Of Combined Legal Experience On Your Side

Get a professional of your own with the Parks Law Firm, P.C. Abogados Accidente De Carro. Any delay in contacting an attorney and getting proper medical attention for an injury sustained in an 18-wheeler accident can severely harm your claim. This applies whether or not you were treated for injuries at the scene.

Please contact an experienced truck wreck lawyer today by calling 972-332-5841 or sending us a message online. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if you collect on your personal injury claim — and we don't charge you to assist with the property damage portion of your claim. From our office in Grapevine, we assist clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the entire state of Texas.

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